Are you new to Boating? or New to Boating in Asia?

Incorporating a boating lifestyle into your expat experience can help keep your family close and make your expat assignment more successful.  

If you're not sure how to do this cost effectively within your 2 or 3 year work contract, we offer a  training course that will step you through the entire process 

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Creating your boat buy/sell strategy

In this first week of the course, you'll learn how to develop and cost a realistic boat buy and sell strategy within a 2-year time frame. 

The importance of the right boat

Week two is about clarifying your personal boating goals as an expat and aligning these with your family goals.

Determining the cost benefit

In the last week of the course, it's about running the numbers and pulling it all together to determine a cost effective boat buy, boat own and boat sell strategy.

Do those new to boating in Asia pay more?

This course will enable you to recognise the state of the boat market and find boats that are genuinely for sale, rather than sellers who will 'take a good price if someone comes along'.

Online Boat Shows - the Way Forward

This course will examine how the option of getting feedback from the market in a concise 4-6 week time frame about the likely sale value of your boat can give you confidence in deciding on a buy/sell strategy.

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