3 Steps to Increase Your Sales Leads by 50% in 90 Days

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Here Are 3 Steps to Increase Your Sales Leads by 50% in 90 Days Without Spending on Expensive Marketing


As more boat owners buy services online, and credit card payments are the norm for buying online, using BASCO BoatAssist as your online marketplace operator means you can get your business online for free and take advantage of the norms of online business, including credit card payments. 


Once you have packaged your boat and yacht services into discrete service offerings with a unique value proposition, the next step is to funnel your existing and new customers through your online platform.  This means they will communicate online, purchase online and pay faster, online.


Once you begin to receive a steady stream of new client enquiries online, it is important to clearly indicate to your customers how you do business, especially in regards to payment.  Transacting online makes this communication easier as there is a fixed online system that funnels the sale and payment.

The BASCO BoatAssist Promise

We're committed to help you get your business online for free, and on track to doubling your online revenue every 12-months, without tech overwhelm. Break through tech overwhelm and take advantage of the business opportunities available in the digital and mobile economy. That's why we've created a free bronze membership to the BBA community and training platform.

What the Experts are Saying About the Great Opportunity in Mobile & e-Commerce: The Asian Trade Centre

  • The Asian Trade Centre* research publication -

'Challenges in E-Commerce for small and medium sized businesses in Asia’.

  • "It is likely that online platform solutions are available in the region at reasonable cost.
  • However, smaller firms do not have the knowledge to take advantage of these options or do not have the ability to customise existing platforms to meet their specific requirements.“
  • And, while there is great opportunity for SME's to participate in the digital economy, factors such as these inhibit them.”



BASCO BoatAssist Bronze Membership - It's FREE

The training to get you online is FREE. There are 14 short, daily videos called "BASCO Bites - 5-minutes of boat business training... brilliant!" to get you online. BASCO BoatAssist is free to list, it will always be free to list. Join us now and get growing online.

What our Clients are Saying

""Will's knowledge of the Asian Boat market was a great help in getting the boat listed and the transaction sealed. I was very impressed by the efficient client service and ongoing communication during the entire process. I will use BASCO and the online boat auction process again to buy or sell a boat.”"

-Mr HB Boat Owner, Singapore

""William from BASCO unraveled the imagined difficulties I saw in buying a boat in a foreign country and made the transaction seamless. William went on to support me in providing suitable suppliers for the services required to maintain and prepare the craft for departure. Another very satisfied customer.”"

-Mr GS Boat Buyer, Australia

"“It was a pleasure dealing with BASCO "Bob and Bella", a pleasant, informed experience. BASCO managed to get interest in my boat where boat brokers had failed. As online boat auctions become the norm bidders will become more comfortable with buying a boat online. BASCO is well placed to grow with this market and has the people, focus and agility to succeed. I recommend boat sellers and buyers to engage with the BASCO team. Happy Boating.”"

-Ms X Boat Owner, Singapore

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