The Journey to Boat Ownership

The BASCO Boat Buyers Academy provides guidance, advice, training and coaching at whatever stage you are on the journey.

There are 5 stages on the First-Time Boat Buyers Journey to Purchase:

1. Develop

The first stage is developing an affinity for boating and the boating lifestyle

  • Usually people who have boated as children, or boating with friends
  • Or have been on boating holidays, or
  • Have an affinity for the outdoors and nature, tend to be drawn to boating.

Typically, 70% of people take less than a year to move from Desire to Do.



2. Desire

The second stage is having the desire

  • It starts with participating in life on the water
  • A spark that ignites the desire for the boating lifestyle
  • That moment when you feel it and say “Yes, I really want this for myself and my family”

How BASCO Boat Buyers Academy can help

  • We help educate boaters on new ways to participate in boating
  • Provide opportunities to get on the water and experience the joys
  • Align partners and spouses on the desire for the boating lifestyle

3. Dream

Stage 3 is where you begin to envision a different future

  • Imagining what life will be like on the water
  • How a boating lifestyle will positively impact your life, creating memories of a lifetime
  • Having a crystal-clear path of what it looks like to get there

How BASCO Boat Buyers Academy can help

  • A step by step Boat Searcher's Blueprint to take you from the dockside to the sea
  • A clear path to get from Point A, where you are now to Point B, and life on the water 
  • The 3 things you should do right now to start moving forward

4. Decide

In Stage 4 the challenges of buying a boat arise

  • The realities of buying and owning a boat
  • Navigating the unpleasant surprises as you try to close the deal
  • Encountering hidden costs late in the process

How BASCO Boat Buyers Academy can help

  • Understand that there is a lot more to boat ownership than was originally thought
  • Getting crystal clear on the total cost of ownership
  • Connecting to the dream of boat ownership with sound decision making

5. Do

The challenges have been overcome and its time for

  • Revelling in the joys of boat ownership
  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Creating memories of a lifetime

How BASCO Boat Buyers Academy can help

  • Boat maintenance masterclasses
  • Taking delivery, those first overwhelming months
  • Knowing who to go to get what you need to buy, do, engage without overpaying

What others are saying

We're a little different from the rest...

"BASCO team were exceptional and the service rendered was fantastic. Had a whole lot better service experience compared to the ones I had in the past!"

Boat Owner, Singapore

"BASCO represented the best source of technical expertise combined with wide ranging and extensive boating experience. They guided us through the myriad of choices which often confused us more than anything else. Their unselfish attitude and professionalism also stand out. BASCO will always look after your interest before their own. It is also worth noting that their web platform is very sophisticated while being user friendly. All in all, an impressive organisation to deal with led by true boating professionals."

Boat Owner, South East Asia

"Just wanted to say thank you again for your time with me yesterday. I really appreciate the advice and info on craft registration, and I really also appreciated hearing about the innovations you are bringing in in terms of boat marketing, online auctions, and the service portal. I visited the BASCO webpage (also the FB page) and am impressed by the all the possibilities. "

Boat Owner, Thailand

"It was a really great experience working with BASCO. They guided us through the difficult process and helped us in formulating our offers as well as decisions. It was the very personal service tailored to our needs and they were able to listen to our needs and focus on the topics important to us. Really can recommend them to anyone."

Mr S & Mrs J
Boat Deciders, Singapore

"The team from BASCO were very knowledgeable. William was able to provide us with a unique inside view to the world of boat brokerage and Dione assisted with providing a framework to guide our decision-making process. We had been looking for a boat for a long time (circa 5 years). BASCO were able to help us move from looking and thinking about purchasing to taking the steps that led to our purchase."

Mr J & Ms G
Boat Buyers

"William from BASCO unravelled the imagined difficulties I saw in buying a boat in a foreign country and made the transaction seamless. William went on to support me in providing suitable suppliers for the services required to maintain and prepare the craft for departure. Another very satisfied customer."

Boat Buyer, Australia

"BASCO provided clear and concise advice, which was well grounded and perfectly fit my request.BASCO’s genuine interest in boating and the satisfaction of their clients is completely obvious in every interaction. All communication was clear and prompt. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending BASCO to any customers considering boating transactions, technical services or advice, and hope to have more dealings with BASCO in the future."

Mr Andy C.
Boat Decider, Australia

New Boater's CRASH Course. Pun not intended!

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About BASCO Boating

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We're an education, marketing and technology company in the boating industry.

We're bringing buyers and sellers together more quickly and easily, and at a lower cost.

So if you’re a buyer and looking to find the right boat at the right price, then pick the services according to your needs:

  • Finding the boat you're looking for
  • At the price you're willing to pay, or
  • Taking delivery, hand over and getting started as a new boat owner

Or, if you’re a seller and looking for a smarter way to get more exposure and leads for your boat, or to sell it, then pick the services you need:

  • Finding more buyers for your boat
  • Fixing the optimal selling price
  • Following up all the leads you've received
  • Closing the deal  

Online Boat Shows and our Seriously for Sale Selection are two of the ways to connect buyers and sellers.

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