Selling Price vs Asking Price

A sad but often common sight is that of rundown, shabby looking yachts dotted around the marinas. These once beautiful vessels are left to deteriorate under nature’s harsh elements whilst waiting to be sold. Why are they just left to rot? One of the two main reasons: the asking price is too high!

So how does a buyer, and a seller, know if the price is right? It is so important to understand the market value of your boat. It is essential to price compare, research online for similar...

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8 Key Reasons to Engage an Independent Buyer’s Adviser

If you are thinking about buying a boat, it can be tempting to go straight to the boat dealer who is also the seller’s broker or agent.

Here are 8 key reasons why you should consider talking to an independent boat adviser before you do anything else.

1. It’s Free
Finding yourself an independent agent who will work in your best interest when buying a boat surprisingly is free. It’s part of the overall service that is offered by an independent buyer’s broker.

In the event...

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Benefits of Buying a Boat through an Online Auction

In a down market with dozens of boats for sale, chancing upon your ideal boat by way of an Online Auction could be a dream come true.

An Online Auction is the one way that realises the vessel’s true market value at that moment. The market determines what the price of a boat is at a certain time.

In a buyers’ market buoyed by many boats for sale, the promise of good value is a key benefit of an Online Boat Auction. With an Online Auction, the owner of the boat displays to the...

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